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I swore I would never take on another apprentice. People would come into the shop sometimes by the handful looking for a place to get their start. It didn't matter who it was or how good they were, it could have been Da Vinici himself, and I still would have said no. Then I meet this young kid with a mohawk and right away my answer was, "Nope!! Sorry dude, I'm not taking anyone!" He convinced me to at least look at his stuff, so I did, and honestly I was even less impressed, and my answer was still "Nope! "Then something interesting happened, Brent responded with "Ok, I know you said no, and you’re not interested but can you give me a few pointers on how I can better myself and my art work?"  I was kinda of blown away by this. Here I was, shattering this kids dreams, and instead of walking out with his head down, he asked me for help. So I went through his book and we picked a piece he was proud of, I gave him some tips and sent him on his way. He held his head high and walked out with excitement.  To my surprise, two days later Brent walked back in with the changes he made to his proud piece of art and asked for more advice. So I gave him more tips. A day later he was back with even more changes, this went on for about six months or so. The kid was relentless. He asked me if he could just sit there and draw while I worked and that way if there was anything he needed to change, he could do it right there. I remember going home and thinking to myself, "Wow this dude never heard the word no come out of my mouth that day I turned him down. Why not make this official and give him the real apprenticeship he deserves."

Brent's work now speaks for itself, there's not much words can say; because when you look at his work, your sometimes left speechless. Brent started his tattoo career nearly three years ago. Though he has only been tattooing for two years now, Brent has been able to do things in two years that has taken other's a life time to achieve. Yes Brent started his apprenticeship with us but we can't take all the credit. Brent's hard work, persistence, and dedication has made him the person he is today. There have been numerous people that come and go in this shop, some of the best out there, but there's something about Brent that separates him from all the others. I have never seen someone grow like he has. With Brent's confidence, passion and open mind his possibilities are endless. With all the talented artist around him and his humble approach to life Brent will become one of the biggest names tattooing has ever seen. I couldn't be more proud of Brent. Everyday day he blows my mind and leaves me lost for words. Those who think of greatness and surround themselves with greatness, can become only one thing, GREAT!!

- Mike Demasi - Art Junkies Tattoo

Frichard Adams - View Tattoo Gallery - View Art Gallery Email Artist

Frichard Adams

My names Frichard I've been fortunate enough to be tattooing since 2011. I'm going to start off with saying it's been a dream to be part of the Art Junkies team and I'm beyond grateful to be here. With that being said, being able to express myself through tattooing has placed me in an adorning, inspirational & humbling life style. I wouldn't trade it for the world & I love to share that experience with clients, coworkers & loved ones. Thanks for reading a little about me and checking out my stuff!

Mario Rosenau - View Tattoo Gallery - View Art Gallery Email Artist

Mario Rosenau

Mario and I started Art Junkies tattoo over ten years ago, I'm  blessed to have such a good friend In my life the two of us have been through our fear share of ups and downs. But I couldn't be more thankful for everything Mario has done and continues to do for me. Thank you buddy I'm truly thankful and grateful for our friend ship.

Mario like myself and many others are dreamers, but the difference between Mario and everyone else is  Mario makes those dreams a reality, this guy works his ass off he's always doing something and has something going on.

Some call Mario a 'Mad Sentience' but I call him a brother.

Mario's growth in the tattoo industry is like no other Mario is a people person always putting others first. You will never hear the word NO come out of his mouth, if it's something Mario doesn't already know or understand Mario will find a way.

Mario is always thinking of ways to improve himself as an artist, in doing so he has not only made change in himself he as changed the entire tattoo industry. If it wasn't for Mario inventive way of thinking  we would all still be sticking on our stencils with deodorant. Mario's Stencil Stuff products have forever changed the way every tattoo is done today.

I've have been honored to see Mario's growth from every stage in his career from his first tattoo he did to the tattoo he did yesterday. Mario can tattoo anything and anything he'll tattoo.  With all the success he has had I can honestly say  Mario's future is even more promising his tattoos have become apart of him, and the style he has been developing for the last 10 years is defiantly unique and his own. With his artistic vision and his ability to create Mario's tattoos will always be seen as some of the best.

I wait with excitement to see what Mario comes up with next.

Mike Demasi - View Tattoo Gallery - View Art Gallery Email Artist

Mike Demasi

Yoda, the nickname awarded by some of Mike DeMasi’s closest friends, is much more like the fictional character than one would think. I first met mike in 2000, he had been tattooing for barely a year. Early on you could tell there was something very different about him. He was humble, quite and a student of his craft. Mike had a desire to be great but did not have greatness around him to learn from, so he set out on his own to find it. We opened Art Junkies Tattoo Studio at the end of 2001, a place, where as Mike would say, would be different and a place of learning. Over the next few years a movement happened within the tattoo industry, a revival if you will in the way tattoos was looked at. Color portraits had become huge and some of the industries biggest names had come through the shop. The student had become the teacher and the teacher had become the master. Mike would argue this statement that he is still the student trying out new things, trying to make himself better, but one does not give yourself the title of master, it is your peers that do. Mario Rosena Co-owner Art Junkies Tattoo Studio